Cliff Buchler
2 minute read
29 Dec 2021
4:00 am

Birthdays: What’s the big deal?

Cliff Buchler

My parents couldn’t care a fig about birthdays. Too busy being poor, sweating to feed, clothe and educate us kids. And no time to worry about another added year.

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Why are birthdays a big deal? It had me wondering about the sanity of humans. A male pal refuses to take phone calls as he hates being reminded he’s a year older. Another guy wants to call in a rabbi to do a quick bris on me because in an article I mistakenly added a year to his age. I mean, he’s in his seventies, so what does a year or two matter? Will family and friends treat him with less respect? Or dent his sexual ego? In our thirties we worry about what the world thinks of us. In...