Jennie Ridyard
2 minute read
3 Jan 2022
4:30 am

Don’t worry, be happy now

Jennie Ridyard

The turn of the year necessitated a looking back over the past 12 months to discover when I was happiest. The answer surprised me.

The author says her my happiest time of the year was the months when she stood unpaid on aching feet, directing queues in a mass vaccination centre. Picture: Michel Bega

Happy new year, right? Well, hopefully happier anyway… I’ve been thinking about happiness these past few weeks, because I haven’t been feeling terribly thrilled with life. No particular reason other than the usual First World problems and general malaise while sitting middle-aged atop a heap of youth’s broken dreams – and it’s also likely that living through a tedious pandemic is taking its toll. It still beats the alternative though. And yet everything feels difficult at the moment, particularly enjoyment. I fear I’m becoming bitter, dissatisfied, a malcontent. So I try really hard at happiness, faking it till I can...