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13 May 2021
8:06 am

Reminder to keep your kids safe


In the meantime, German prosecutors are still pursuing inquiries which may link a convicted sex criminal to the McCann case.

For years, the young mother searched for her child and each time a tip-off of a lost baby boy was received, she and her family would rush to see if it was hers. Photo: iStock

It is sadly sobering to think that, if she is still alive, missing British girl Madeleine McCann would have turned 18 yesterday. It’s a day wrapped in sorrow for her parents, Kate and Gerry. Madeleine disappeared 14 years ago, when the family was on holiday in Portugal. The story quickly became a global media circus, as rumours and gossip abounded. Were the McCanns somehow guilty themselves – of involvement, or of being reckless parents who weren’t looking out for the safety and welfare of their child? The McCanns – amazingly still married after all the emotional and psychological trauma they...