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10 Aug 2021
7:02 am

Men must stop covering up for, or condoning, abuse


Men must accept that gender roles – with the woman as housemaker, child-rearer and caregiver – are no longer cast in stone and that they, men, will have to take on some of these duties.

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Johannesburg poet and writer Arja Salafranca summed it up perfectly in a tweet yesterday: “My wish for this Women’s Day is that we may no longer have need for such a day.” The fact that there is a Women’s Day means the nation is enjoined to think about women – for a day and, at most, a month. As we recognise their achievements, we also mourn the position in which many find themselves – as second-class citizens and victims of a brutal, entrenched patriarchy. That we need to have a Women’s Day means that women are a long way from...