2 minute read
7 Sep 2021
5:40 am

Parole is humane but in political terms, it is hugely problematic


The prisons’ authorities have been at pains to point out that prisoners with medical issues are entitled to apply for parole – yet one cannot escape the feeling that this was part of a special deal cut with Zuma.

picture for illustration.

The shocking thing about the decision by the correctional services department to release Jacob Zuma on “medical parole” was that so few people were shocked. After all, this is the same ANC government which released Schabir Shaik, the man sentenced to 15 years’ jail for corruption linked to Zuma, on a similar medical parole because he was said to be “terminally ill”. This phrase was used again in explaining the parole process for Zuma, although not specifically about him. If the former president is as fortunate as his former confidant, then he might live another 10 years. Shaik went home...