2 minute read
11 Jan 2022
4:00 am

Untimely roadblocks a complete waste of money


The department of transport held a massive roadblock on the busiest road in the country on the day most people are back at work.

Picture for illustration: citizen.co.za/Nigel Sibanda

One of the most dysfunctional areas in South Africa is our transport sector. Our railway network doesn’t function properly; its infrastructure is stolen and destroyed hand over fist. Our roads are full of potholes. Our motorists get charged tolls to use highways already paid for by their taxes. Thousands of vehicles on our roads are uninsured and unroadworthy, never mind being unlicensed. The same goes for many of the people behind the wheel: their licences are fake or they have been bought through corruption. The death toll on our roads – through incompetence, recklessness and lawlessness like drunken driving –...