Editorial staff
2 minute read
4 Jun 2022
5:15 am

ANC losing its grip on power?

Editorial staff

In by-elections this week, ordinary South Africans were sending the ANC a strong message.

President Cyril Ramaphosa during the ANCs 110th anniversary celebrations. Picture: Gallo Images/Philip Maeta

’Tis the season to be backstabbing (sometimes literally), paying off branches, making deals and jockeying for positions. It’s the ANC’s elective conference year and policies take a backseat to personalities. As the regional and provincial party conferences play out so, too, will the main arena fight between Cyril Ramaphosa and his “new dawn” (does anyone even say that any longer?) loyalists and the radical economic transformation (RET) revolutionaries who idolise Jacob Zuma. The people? The country? Not important, comrade… While the caucuses are caucusing (to use a favourite ANC term), however, there are some strong alarm bells ringing in the...