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6 Jan 2017
3:04 pm

Update: Customer alleges cashier ‘robbed’ Smart Shopper points

Citizen Reporter

One shopper claims people need to be careful to ensure their own cards are being swiped, not someone else's.

Smart shopper card

The shopper who claimed that a cashier swiped a Smart Shopper card that was not his with his purchase has said the matter has been resolved and further commended Pick n Pay for handling the matter “extremely well and timeously”.

Matthew Borrett told The Citizen that the incident took place at the Claremont Pick n Pay, Cape Town, on January 2 at 4.46pm. He said it was only when he had walked away and noticed that his rand available to spend was R178.05, when he knew his balance was around R60, that he grew suspicious.

“I use my Smart Shopper every time I go to Pick n Pay. I do normally check my points and am always aware of what my approximate balance is,” explained Borrett, adding that he had never experienced a problem with his Smart Shopper points before.

He reported the incident directly to the store’s management and said Pick n Pay handled the matter “extremely well and timeously”.

“They responded to my complaint in a manner that shows their dedication to customer satisfaction,” he said.

“A representative from head office even asked me to let her know when our baby is born (my girlfriend is 39+ weeks pregnant). This proves to me they care about their customers.

“This incident in no way will influence my decision when it comes to shopping or deter me from using PnP as retailer.”

Borrett said the cashier involved was a contract worker and said that she would face disciplinary action as well as possible criminal charges.

He said he was satisfied with the outcome and explained: “The reason I made this public was so people can be made aware and vigilant, not to get anyone in trouble.”

He further explained his decision to post on the News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents Facebook page, stating, “In an age where crime is very prevalent, my hope was to educate people and make them more aware not to take anything for granted. We all work hard for our money and don’t want to see anyone lose out due to the actions of others. I know a lot of people rely on their Smart Shopper points towards month end to buy odds and ends. I feel it has done its purpose.”

News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents Facebook page further published a link to a story on Search SA with the full story from Borrett. Many Facebook users commended Pick n Pay for taking swift action.

A screenshot of the comments on the News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents Facebook page. Picture: Facebook

A screenshot of the comments on the News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents Facebook page. Picture: Facebook

January 4, 2017, 11:28am:

The anti-crime and awareness Facebook page News, Accidents, Robberies & Incidents, shared an allegation that at least one Pick n Pay cashier has hit on a scheme to accrue Smart Shopper points for herself at the expense of customers.

The page warned all card holders to be alert and shared the following anecdote: “So bought groceries from PnP, got my till slip and my smart shopper balance was VERY HIGH!!!

“Checked the card number used to swipe at till and it wasn’t mine.

Cashier swiped her own Smart Shopper and not mine so she could earn the points.”

The page said “be careful when swiping your cards”.

Smart Shopper points accrue every time a card-carrying Pick n Pay customer buys anything at any of the stores. Over time these points can be converted to cash to buy anything at any Pick n Pay.