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Gopolang Moloko
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10 Jan 2017
5:33 pm

Watch: Hunt for jewellery thieves continues

Gopolang Moloko

An AK-47, 9mm pistol and a sealed plastic bag was later found to contain clothing.

Three men were arrested after a shootout with police. Photo: Gopolang Chawane.

Investigations are ongoing in the search for two robbers linked to a jewellery heist in the east of Pretoria on Monday morning, Rekord East reports.

Three of five men were arrested following a shootout and a high-speed chase with police.

The chase ended on the corner of De Villebois and Hesketh drives when the men drove on the opposite side of the road in an attempt to evade arrest and crashed into a black Polo.

The driver of the Polo sustained moderate injuries.

Police confirmed a large amount of jewellery was stolen from Deonne Le Roux jewellery store in Woodlands Boulevard.

Police spokesperson Captain Ilze Jones said police were studying the robbery footage in an attempt to find the other culprits.

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“We have been informed the perpetrators were travelling in two vehicles, according to a statement from a witness. One of the vehicles was the black Mercedes-Benz that crashed with the three men inside; the other was a white BMW.” said Jones.

Jones said the witness’ statement also confirmed the men had three plastic bags with them.

“One of the bags was used to put the guns inside. The other two were used to carry the jewellery out of the store.”

Jones said the value of the stolen jewellery would not be disclosed.

An AK-47 and 9mm pistol and a sealed plastic bag, which was later found to contain clothing, were found inside the Mercedes-Benz.

“No jewellery was found inside the car,” Jones said.

-Caxton News Service

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