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23 Jan 2017
3:53 pm

Rinkhals snake on the loose in Durban North, warns reptile expert

CNS Reporter

It is thought that the snake is the same one that was spotted on a truck from Gauteng a couple of days ago.

Rinkhals file picture: Northglen News

Durban North snake man Jason Arnold has warned residents of Phoenix in the Clayfield area to be on the lookout for a suspected Rinkhals snake, which is not native to Durban, but has ended up in the area accidentally, reports the Northglen News.

“I presume the snake hitched a ride in a truck that had just done a trip to Gauteng recently. A snake [thought to be the same one] was spotted on the truck a couple days ago, but the residents failed to locate it.

“I received an alert from a resident last night at about 9pm, stating that the snake had been seen at his friend’s place. The snake was seen laying upside down, seemingly dead [Rinkhals are known to feign death], but when a child threw a tennis ball at the snake, it reared up and got very defensive, spreading its hood and spraying venom at the approaching dogs before fleeing and getting to safety by going down into a nearby drain,” he said.

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The snake is about 1.3 metres long (according to reports), a dirty matte black in colour with a shiny, pitch black underbelly, and white bands across the throat area.

“Residents to the area are encouraged to call me immediately if they spot this snake. Do not interfere or disturb the snake, and watch it from a safe distance until I arrive,” he said.

Contact Arnold on 082 745 6375.

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