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Vicky Abraham
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4 Mar 2017
5:51 am

Mashaba and wife celebrate 35 years of marriage

Vicky Abraham

The couple tied the knot when Mashaba was 22 and Connie 20.

Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba and his wife Connie. Picture supplied 2 March 2017

Although he is passionate about improving the lives of Joburg’s residents, political drama will take a back seat for City of Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba this weekend.

Instead, Mashaba will relive the special memories he shares with his wife, Connie, with whom he has lived for the past 35 years of marriage.

The couple celebrated their wedding anniversary of this many years together on Friday.

Connie’s beauty caught Mashaba’s attention during their teenage years, he said. The couple tied the knot when Mashaba was 22 and Connie 20.

“I will be taking her away for a weekend because I have deprived her of many things that couples do together like us playing golf, travelling and just enjoying ourselves,” Mashaba told Saturday  Citizen.

Mashaba, the father of Khensani and Rhulani, said he looked forward to a romantic weekend away … “just the two of us reminiscing about the 35 years of our marriage”.

“We were still babies [when we met] and I am glad that we have survived 35 years.

“I am praying and working hard to ensure I see another 15 years with her,” he said of Connie. That would bring their time together to 50 years.

He recalled how the apartheid government had tried to bar him from establishing his business, Black Like Me, in the hair and beauty sector, when he was only 22 years old. He said having a stable family life with Connie was part of his success story.

“Without her I would not have achieved even half of what I have achieved. We have both achieved things that we never thought were possible.”

Mashaba said he adored Connie’s strong character and her ability to challenge him.

“I am protected when I am with her because she is not going to allow me to be crazy,” explained Mashaba.

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