Citizen Reporter
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11 Mar 2017
1:23 pm

‘Rob and kill Indians & whites, then Aids-rape their kids’

Citizen Reporter

A Facebook user named Obatala Mcambi is being sought in relation to messages inciting hatred on social media.

Facebook user Shane Dörfling uploaded a number of screenshots late on Friday alleging to contain threats by another user, Obatala Mcambi, who allegedly threatened to kill and rape white and Indian people.



Dörfling said he had reported the post, and no Facebook account could be traced to Mcambi on Saturday. It may have been taken down by Facebook following the complaints.

Mcambi apparently wrote that he uses his guns “to rob and kill Indians and whites”.

He also added: “Please, fellas, join me, we have to rape their kids with AIDS virus too!”



The authenticity of either the post, the account and the username have not been authenticated, though concerned users have asked that the SA Police Service investigate the matter.

The user’s profile picture also does not seem to appear anywhere else online.

Dörfling expressed concern that the post had allegedly not been checked by the administrator of the Facebook page where it first appeared.

“This man is out to kill and is clearly inciting murder and rape,” wrote Dörfling.




The website has asked people to send them information to track down the alleged racist predator.

They wrote: “He incites hatred and violence against races other than his own and openly displaying hatred towards our own SAPS. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please send an anonymous message here

“He uses social media to spread his message of hate – now we use social media to find him and bring him to justice.”

They also shared further alleged threats and racist sentiments that Mcambi had posted before his profile was perhaps taken down by Facebook or deleted by the user himself.