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Corlia Kruger
1 minute read
8 Apr 2017
6:17 pm

Scrapyard burns in Pretoria west

Corlia Kruger

Tshwane emergency services spokesperson explained that due to the scrap metal on scene, there was a lot of smoke.

A fire rages in a scrapyard in the west of Pretoria. Picture: Souced by the Pretoria Moot Rekord from Facebook

A fire raged in a scrapyard in the west of Pretoria on Saturday morning and residents in the area reported a massive cloud of black smoke in the area as well as a bad odour, reports the Pretoria Moot Rekord.

Tshwane emergency services spokesperson, Johan Pieterse, said the fire started at around 5am at the scrapyard in Daspoort.

Emergency services responded to the scene on the corner of Taljaard and Rood streets to extinguish the raging fire.

“Due to all the scrap metal on scene there was a lot of smoke. We worked fast to keep the flames from spreading to neighbouring buildings,” said Pieterse, who was still on scene at 9.21am.

“We’ve extinguished the flames and busy with the cooling process to ensure the fire does not start up again.”

The cause of the fire was not immediately clear.


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