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5 May 2017
4:07 pm

WATCH: EFF members disrupt National Dialogue

Citizen Reporter

The EFF has criticised the inclusion of FW de Klerk, saying it will lead to 'white racists' thinking they still have a place in South Africa.


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members on Friday walked in to former presidents FW de Klerk, Thabo Mbeki and Kgalema Motlanthe’s National Foundations Dialogue Initiative meeting in Parktown, Johannesburg

The members were holding placards written “FW de Klerk is a killer”, protesting against the inclusion of the former president in the dialogue. The EFF released a statement on Friday saying Motlanthe and Mbeki had made a mistake by involving De Klerk, who was the last president of the apartheid era.

“Presidents Mbeki and Motlanthe can indeed take initiative to bring the nation together, and we shall participate because they both represent a human rights based democratic initiative.

“De Klerk, on the other hand, is no elder of our democratic dispensation, and he will never be. He presided over the mass murder of our people in places like Boipatong and Vlakplaas. To include him in a dialogue about the future is not only an insult to this important past that he represents, but consistent with the idea that things will look legitimate simply because they include white leadership.

“By recognising De Klerk, Mbeki and Motlanthe make a mistake that will lead to white racists thinking they still have a place in South Africa,” it said.

Watch the video below:

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