Vhahangwele Nemakonde
Digital Journalist
2 minute read
7 Jun 2017
8:04 pm

Malema: Mbalula cried when the Guptas called him

Vhahangwele Nemakonde

Unlike the 'rotten' Malusi Gigaba, the police minister tried to avoid being captured by the controversial family, says Malema.

Julius Malema (back when he was ANCYL leader) and Fikile Mbalula (back when he was Sports and Recreation minister) listen to speeches during the ANC's 99th birthday party held at the Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane, South Africa, 8 January 2011. Picture: Gallo Images

EFF leader Julius Malema, who made it clear that he was NOT in the controversial Guptas’ phonebook, said his former friend and Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula cried when he realised he WAS in it.

In an interview with Tbo Touch on Wednesday, Malema commended Mbalula on his ministry, saying he was doing a “great job”.

All the police minister needed was a good commissioner who would complement him in curbing the scourge of crime that has gripped the country.

“He’s doing a great job, he’s taking head-on criminals; he needs a proper commissioner to complement him because, as a minister, he’s limited, he can do certain things. He has to go and ask the commissioner to do this and that but if he gets a proper commissioner, I think this thing of crime can be defeated.

“If you bring anything crime-related to Mbalula’s attention, that matter gets attention, it gets attended to. Even in the rural villages, where normally people don’t pay attention, he doesn’t say because the matter is on Twitter or because it is receiving media attention, therefore he must attend to it. Even matters that do not receive attention, he attends to those,” he said.

The ANC made a “terrible” mistake in 2010 when they did not make Mbalula secretary-general, he said. According to Malema, the police minister would have done a better job than Gwede Mantashe.

Though he’s doing a great job, Mbalula is still not the future of South Africa. In fact he was only doing great because he was Peter Mokaba’s product, unlike Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba –  a “rotten, corrupt” fellow who is “in the pockets of the Guptas”, alleged Malema.

Unlike Gigaba, Mbalula had tried to avoid being captured, said Malema. In fact, getting a call from the Guptas telling him he would be police minister eventually left Mbalula in tears.

“I know when the Guptas called him and told him that he’s going to be minister of sports, he was offended by that.

“We fought in the NEC of the ANC against that, to a point where Mbalula even cried in that NEC and said: ‘How can we be called by businesspeople about our deployments and tell us where we are going?'”

How does the EFF leader know all of this?

The two used to be friends, though he said he could not say the same now because “if I say he’s my friend, I might compromise his chances of becoming something important in the ANC in December”.

Yes, Mbalula is great, and yes, the two were friends, but if Mbalula were to be president of the country, Malema would never be his deputy.

“Never!” he said.

“I can’t be Mbalula’s deputy, maybe he will be my deputy. I can’t allow that.”