Gosebo Mathope
1 minute read
6 Jul 2017
12:19 pm

Tax ombudsman’s Sars probe at an advanced stage

Gosebo Mathope

Sars is expected to give a response after receiving a provisional report from the tax ombudsman.

“We have made some progress. On Monday [July 3], we furnished Sars with a copy of a provisional report on the matter,” said judge Bernard Ngoepe, the tax ombudsman.

Earlier this year, the office of the tax ombudsman (OTO) announced that after receiving several complaints from various stakeholders centred on delayed refunds, it instituted an investigation

“The process now is for Sars to respond or send their comments on the provisional report. At this stage, because Sars has not yet been given the opportunity to comment, I cannot discuss the contents of the report,” the ombudsman said.

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Ngoepe told The Citizen once the report had been finalised, Sars and complainants would receive a copy of the final report.

“We cannot discuss provisional findings, as it will be premature to do so. We did receive a number of complaints. Throughout the process, we have been having some discussions with Sars from time to time. We hope to hear from them towards the end of the month.

“It is a mixed bag of complaints, and some came from companies and others from various professional bodies and other tax stakeholders. In due course, as required by the legislation, our annual report will report comprehensively on the matter,” Ngoepe added.

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