Elana Geist
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29 Jul 2017
8:50 pm

KZN farmhouse attack: Man shot in stomach

Elana Geist

The Alpha Security area manager struggled to repeat the details of the terrible tragedy.

Crime Scene

An elderly couple were subjected to a night of horror when they were attacked in their farmhouse in Glendale Heights, located 40 minutes outside of Ballito, KwaZulu-Natal, on Friday evening.

The North Coast Courier reports that the Alpha Security area manager, Rex Hunt struggled to repeat the details of the terrible tragedy that unfolded at the sugar estate where the man was killed by his attackers.

“It is a horrible story. At around 6pm yesterday evening four men kicked the front door down and entered the house.

“[The man] was attacked and beaten, before being shot in the stomach.

“His wife was on bed-rest after an op, but heard her husband moaning. The men tied her to her bed,” said Hunt.

“They ransacked the house, stole everything they could, including their Toyota Hilux and two firearms, and broke everything else.”

Unable to call for help, the couple were only found this morning at around 9am.

“A family member tried to phone the house, when no one answered, the domestic worker was contacted. She went over to the house with her husband and saw the gate was open and the cars were gone. Too scared to enter the house, she called a neighbour, who made the horrific discovery.”

IPSS Medical Rescue’s Dylan Meyrick said the paramedics declared the man dead on their arrival.

“The cause of death is believed to be a gunshot wound to his stomach,” said Meyrick.

Besides being found dehydrated and traumatised, the woman seemed to not have been harmed.

Glendale police communications officer Sergeant Nhlaliyenza Mahlobo said they were in search of the Hilux.


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