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Bernice Maune
1 minute read
20 Aug 2017
8:53 pm

Woman shot for refusing to leave with man after night out sparks social media debate

Bernice Maune

The woman was shot dead inside a car in the early hours of Sunday morning.

After an incident where a woman was shot dead in Pretoria, social media has been left divided about the circumstances around her death.

The woman was apparently bought drinks by the man at Ayepyep Lounge in Sunnyside. An altercation ensued outside when she would not leave with him, which led to him pulling a gun and firing a fatal shot to her head.

On Twitter there were mixed opinions about the incident. Some were of the opinion that women should not go out if they had no money of their own to spend while others said accepting drinks from strangers came with a disclaimer.

Others stated that there wasn’t a lesson to be learnt as accepting drinks did not entail agreeing to leave with the person who bought them nor was it acceptable for a man to expect something something in return.

Ayepyep Lounge has since released a statement about the shooting and condemned violence against women.


Ayepyep Lounge releases statement on woman killed outside its premises