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11 Sep 2017
10:11 pm

WATCH: KZN teacher brutally beats female pupils in class

Citizen Reporter

The department of education in KZN has condemned the actions of the teacher and has promised to suspend him.

Picture: Refilwe Modise

A video showing an educator beating female pupils in a classroom has gone viral.

In the video the teacher could be seen hitting the pupil with a cane while the rest of the class watches.

The pupil could be heard screaming and crying. The teacher then moves to another pupil standing by the door and start hitting her.

She pushes him away and he then start beating her repeatedly with the cane. The girl managed to escape and walked out of the classroom crying.

The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education has condemned the actions of the teacher.

“The educator from Mdlamfe High School that is seen in a video brutally beating a learner will receive a suspension letter tomorrow,” the department said on Twitter.

“We will be taking harsh action against the perpetrator. We want to send a clear message that corporal punishment will not be tolerated in our schools and learning facilities,” KZN education department spokesperson Kwazi Mthethwa told TimesLIVE.

TimesLive reports that the video emerges just three weeks after another video showing a pupil being hit on his hand by  a teacher in a classroom.

“Despite it being banned since 1997‚ some teachers in South African schools continue to dish out corporal punishment‚ often for everyday offences‚” the department said at the time.

Watch the video below: