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13 Sep 2017
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I was really happy not being single too, says Pearl Thusi

Vhahangwele Nemakonde

The TV personality has opened up about the single life and her dislike for Trevor Noah, saying she's just not the type to kiss ass.

Pearl Thusi and Robert Marawa. Picture: Instagram

TV personality Pearl Thusi has opened up about being single following her split from Robert Marawa, and the criticism she received on Twitter after giving a shout out to Trevor Noah on Twitter on Monday.

On being single, Pearl said though she was happy being in a relationship, being single was fun.

“Guys, being single is fun, hey. Like I almost forgot how fun it is. I mean, I was really happy not being single too, but for me, being single – the freedom, the excitement,” she said in a video posted by VOOV on Instagram.

On Trevor Noah, Pearl said she did not understand what the fuss was all about when she congratulated The Daily Show host Noah for winning his first Emmy Award.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, she wrote: “Two reasons to be a proud South African this week: Trevor Noah and Kevin Anderson.”

But Twitter was quick to remind her of her dislike for the comedian, questioning her sincerity in her compliment.

Pearl said the compliment was real because unlike others, she was able to separate personal from professional issues. Complimenting Noah was professional, not personal, she argued. In fact, she said everyone should be able to give credit where it’s due even if they don’t like the person.

“Trevor Noah is work, and what I perceive of him as a person, it doesn’t mean I’m right, it’s an opinion and my opinion might have changed by now but I’ve known better to announce it to you people because you take everything I say personally. You must be able to separate someone’s work to their personality.

“You can appreciate somebody’s success and work without having to like them. I feel like that makes me an honest person, you can trust me, who doesn’t kiss ass and is able to celebrate.

“For me, his work supersedes how I feel or whatever I think of him, which may not even be valid and I’m able to look in the mirror and say maybe, because the only regret it, I don’t even regret it. I’m only annoyed that I tweeted that because you all got so excited instead of focusing on me celebrating him.

“Everybody was quick to come in to what I didn’t like because that’s exciting and I can’t allow society and how they choose to filter a tweet affect how I just choose to live my life, and I know many people who dislike many other people who congratulate them and kiss their asses on Twitter because it’s convenient and behind the scenes, and I can count them, it’s just that I’m not a snitch. I was compelled to give credit, but also compelled not to kiss ass,” she said in a video on VOOV.

Speaking to Gareth Cliff in 2015, Pearl said she didn’t like Trevor because he had dated a girl she knew, and she did not like what her friend had to say about him.

“He’s very like ‘we’re at a table, I’m gonna take over,’ you know ‘I’m the most famous type thing.’ There’s that thing you know, it’s unsaid but it’s there. Maybe I’m just being what you call insecure, maybe it’s that.

“But he’s very like, ‘I’m Trevor Noah, I’m smart, I’m clever, I’m whatever’ and you’ll be there with people who are his friends and he’s like ‘I’m not interested in you.”

The final nail on the coffin for her was when he did not greet her and a group of friend at an event in Cape Town.

“He did not even greet us and I was like: ‘This is it, I’m done with this guy.’ The thing is I don’t expect him to care, I don’t wanted him to care and I’m not interested in him caring

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