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17 Oct 2017
2:52 pm

This is what you think of Zuma’s umpteenth Cabinet reshuffle

Citizen Reporter

One Facebook user believes the newly-appointed ministers will only occupy their posts until the December election.

President Jacob Zuma

President Jacob Zuma’s  latest Cabinet reshuffle, which is the second in seven months, came as a surprise to many on Tuesday morning.

The move saw him make many changes to the Cabinet, including axing former Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande and appointing Ayanda Dlodlo as the Minister of Home Affairs.

Readers took to social media to react on Zuma’s decision.

Mondli Zondo wrote: “The sad thing about the latest Cabinet reshuffle is it could mean hell for those of us in KZN. The SACP won’t take the removal of Blade lightly and I just hope it won’t result in more political killings ahead of December.”

Clarence Watts wrote: “Home Affairs minister probably didn’t finish setting up office….now moved again. Pathetic leadership.”

Smacky Neo Phago Smash wrote: “Man it must be nice to have all that power huh? Every time you’re displeased with someone, you juss do a Cabinet reshuffle and send them on their way. Its like whenever dude is faced with the possibility of being challenged for his position, he juss says some slick shit like “I know what to do, Cabinet reshuffle”.

Matlala Raldo Harold wrote: “Blade Nzimande is now an unemployed graduate. Let him also experience our struggle.”

Sello Mokoko wrote: “To me this daylight cabinet reshuffle has no bearing on my conscience. In fact this reshuffling is a waste of time. I do not understand why there is so much hype, when in fact these ministers will only occupy these posts for only two and half months, as the December 2018 elective is almost around the corner.”

Lance Bloch wrote: “Why are we not surprised? The ever-faithful and deeply compromised David Mahlobo made Energy minister in order to push through the Russian nuclear deal for this crooked president and his Gupta masters…”

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