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Hope Winters
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2 Nov 2017
12:53 pm

US mogul Russell Simmons shares his views on ‘Black Monday’

Hope Winters

US mogul Russell Simmons, who is currently in the country, has weighed in on the recent #BlackMonday protests against farm murders, and the “disturbing” turn of events.

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The protests turned into a racial debate after a few protestors flew the old South African flag and sang the old anthem.

Speaking on Metro FM earlier this week, Russell said that he believes that the mindset of those “few farmers” is not a reflection of the entire country.

“I have a statement that may sound a bit radical but I want to share with you. I know that the farmers are protesting and have such a small part of the collective that have a mindset – such a racist, backward mindsets – [but that] is not the mindset of South Africa, [either] white or black South Africa,” he said.

Russell said that people need to be careful not to stir the pot the wrong way.

“Don’t stir the pot the wrong way, cause you can get it. It’s horrible to say but you have to be careful what you are wishing for. People will not go back to that [violence]. You don’t need to wave the old flag or sing the old song,” he said.

Russelll added that the country was filled with “goodwill” people of all colours and that he was hurt by the suffering he saw.

“I see the suffering still of our people and it hurts my heart.”

Russell jetted into the country for the Liberty Vuka Knowledge Summit at which he is the keynote speaker.

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