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Bernice Maune
2 minute read
13 Nov 2017
8:45 pm

State capture is being used as a tool of political propaganda, says Zuma

Bernice Maune

The term state capture is incorrect because it includes the three executive levels of the judiciary, legislature and administration, the President has stated in a TV interview.

Thuli Madonsela. (File Photo by Gallo Images / Die Burger / Lulama Zenzile)

According to President Jacob Zuma, state capture is the incorrect term to describe the corruption taking place in government parastatals where lucrative contracts are awarded for kickbacks to influential people who have political connections.

Zuma was speaking to news channel ANN7 and said that ‘state capture’ was a term used incorrectly and actually a tool of political propaganda. Zuma said for state capture to effectively occur, there would have to be wide level corruption and bribery taking place on all the executive spheres including the judiciary, legislature and administration.

It is a fake political ploy – the state is not captured

He said for now, only a few individuals were captured and not on all three levels so it was incorrect to use state capture. He said this term was also coined to single out a few people and was a classic case of propaganda.

Making reference to Nkandla, Zuma said three investigations cleared him of any wrong doing, yet despite this he was still called corrupt.

“The Public Protector finally said well, because of certain items, Zuma and his family indirectly benefited not that Zuma stole. With Nkandla there was nothing factual just political.”

He added that the ministers of finance and police were tasked with outlining what he must pay for and even though he did pay, an impression was created that he still owed money and was corrupt.

“It is a fake political ploy – the state is not captured – there are three executives (for that to happen),” Zuma commented with a laugh.

On former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela’s findings, Zuma was scathing. He said her report was incomplete and only fingered a few individuals.

“Why just paint people’s names and leave…many were waiting to be interviewed, there is a political reason for report to be used to deal with a number of people,” he reiterated.

Zuma said he would set up an inquiry to deal with ‘state capture’ but the first question it must address is the definition and give clarity to the public.

He said the commission would not ‘narrowly’ look at the allegations but it would be broad and have far reaching consequences. He also spoke on being branded corrupt and said he had fought corruption.

“I have fought corruption, I have signed the SIU proclamations, nobody has ever signed so much. It is said I am more corrupt, there are people who have not necessarily done so.

“Some people will regret it, it will not be narrow, like the state capture (report), it will be whoever is corrupt and very open,” Zuma added.

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