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14 Nov 2017
1:29 pm

How social media unpacked this photo of ‘Univen’ res room

Citizen Reporter

While the student who has shared the photo is complaining about the beds, social media users can't help but notice the mess in the room.

Picture: Twitter

Twitter user Mpho recently shared photos of what she claimed was a room in one of the University of Venda’s residences, calling for government to intervene.

“Res at University of Venda for final year students. Guys let’s retweet until the government intervene, pigs can’t stay there and survive,” wrote the Twitter user, along with two photos showing a messy and small room.

The photos have been retweeted more than 2 500 times and received many comments, in the hope that they would reach the right people who will perhaps help rectify the situation.

While most people sympathised with the students’ living condition, some commented on how “filthy” the room was, but Mpho was adamant that the problem was not cleanliness.

“Cleaning won’t buy us new beds and cupboards to store food, let alone stop eight people from sharing that small single room,” she argued.

She said this room would not have been this messy if eight people were not sharing that small room.

TV personality Kuli Roberts also commented on the photo and wrote: “That’s so frustrating. Where are the self-catering facilities and why is it so ill-prepared to house anyone? Where is House Comm? Damn besides the lack of proper kitchen and sleeping facilities, what they to do on the bare room. Failing the young.”

But some were still adamant that the students should have cleaned the room first before complaining about the beds.

“Are you asking for government to wash those dishes and pots? Because all I’m seeing is dirty stuff. Students should take a step first before the government can intervene let them clean that small room first so that we can trust them with big apartment,” wrote one, while another argued: “I stayed there for winter school and it was nothing like the pictures. We cleaned after ourselves like we were supposed to. Univen will give you a room but the cleanliness of the room is your responsibility.”

These were some of the comments on the photos:

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