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Jonisayi Maromo
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2 Dec 2017
6:06 am

ANC and people of SA are not corrupt – Mkhize

Jonisayi Maromo

Addressing the three-day Gauteng provincial general council (PGC) in Pretoria, Mkhize said there were 'certain elements' who are corrupt and will have to be dealt with.

The upcoming national elective conference of the African National Congress (ANC) must be used to prove that the governing party in South Africa is not corrupt, and does not tolerate graft, Treasurer-General, Zweli Mkhize said on Friday.

“Unemployment is what people are unhappy about, in the way we run things, corruption is the other issue, and crime is another issue. So when we get back to the people, we cannot say we know that you told us in 2014 and in 2016 but it’s still the same and in this [December 2017] conference we have not moved an inch in terms of addressing the problems of unemployment, fighting crime, and there is no solution in dealing with corruption,” Mkhize said.

“We must always remember that the issue of corruption is one of the most important scourges that we have to eliminate in our society, if we have to survive as a party, as a government, and also as the people of South Africa. The South African people are not corrupt, nor is the ANC corrupt.”

Addressing the three-day Gauteng provincial general council (PGC) in Pretoria, Mkhize said there were “certain elements” who are corrupt and will have to be dealt with decisively.

“They will be elements who are prone to corruption, who will must be able to identify and act upon. The ANC needs to be strong and resolute in the decisions we will take. What is it that we are going to do, to make sure that people can see that the ANC is actually not corrupt, and in fact it is not tolerant to corruption? These are the challenges we are going to face,” said Mkhize.

At the same event, ANC Gauteng provincial chairperson Paul Mashatile said the proliferation of state capture in South Africa proves the lack of leadership.

“One thing I don’t understand really, maybe you guys should help me — how is it possible that we are there as the ANC, a leader in this country, and we have things like state capture. How is that possible? It means we have a leadership that does nothing about it,” said Mashatile.

“That is what it is. We are on autopilot. That is why we have these things. When you have leaders who are scared, who have no courage – that is what you have.”

The ANC Gauteng PGC would finalise the preparations for the oncoming 54th ANC national elective conference to be hosted in Johannesburg later this month.

Mashatile warned the Gauteng delegates that the future of South Africa will hinge on the individuals they elect at the national conference of the governing party.

“If we go to this conference and elect such people again, we will have ourselves to blame. Leaders must be brave, but they must of course lead with humility. We have learnt this from those who came before us,” said Mashatile.

He charged delegates to ensure that the ANC leadership to be elected in December must not be representatives of slates and factions within the party.

“Leaders that we must elect must not be part of factions and slates. We kindly request. The problem is that when you believe in factions and slates, that informs how you lead,” said Mashatile to applause.

He also said there must also be “a generational mix” in the leaders to be elected in December.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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