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Virginia Keppler
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15 Dec 2017
6:10 am

We will not be derailed as governing party in Tshwane – Msimanga

Virginia Keppler

Year of council meetings blighted by fights, walkouts and boycotts.

Tshwane Mayor Solly Msimanga. Picture: Jacques Nelles

High drama, fist fights, boycotts, walkouts and protest action plagued the Tshwane Metro council meetings this past year, but executive mayor Solly Msimanga says neither the ANC nor the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) could derail the administration led by the Democratic Alliance (DA).

But Msimanga showed he was up for the fight and kept going in spite of the insults that came his way, protest action, attacks on councillors and pepper spray and stun grenade moments as protesters demanded his head.

“The EFF and the ANC might have delayed us in certain instances, but they did not derail us,” said Msimanga.

Since the DA took over in Tshwane, the EFF has boycotted two council meetings and ANC councillors staged walkouts on two occasions.

Both the walkouts by the ANC followed the EFF’s no-shows at council meetings, with the most recent of which was last month.

“Notable was the delay of the expanded public works programme policy and the sale of the mayoral mansion – which have now both been passed – and the work continuing almost without incident,” said Msimanga, pointing out that the DA remained unshaken.

“Under the circumstances, I am pleased with what we have achieved this past year.”

Tshwane metro council meetings chaos in 2017:

  • April: A fight broke out between metro police officers and an ANC councillor. Other councillors later joined in the fight after police went in twice to ask the ANC to leave the hall following a heated spat.
  • September: ANC caucus walked out of the council meeting on the day they were supposed to vote to sell the mayoral mansion, leaving a quorum of 95 members, following the unexplained no-show of the EFF.
  • October: A meeting was disrupted when members of the Voortrekkers youth organisation attended the meeting to learn more about council proceedings.
  • November 28: The ANC walked out and the EFF boycotted the meeting.


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