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Yadhana Jadoo
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16 Dec 2017
7:00 am

End corruption, urge stalwarts

Yadhana Jadoo

‘Law enforcement agencies have been paralysed and unable to perform their duties without fear or favour.’

Former President Thabo Mbeki sits before speeches at the National Consultative Conference of the Stalwarts and Veterans of the ANC at Constitution Hill on 17 November 2017. The conference focused squarely on challenges facing the country and party regarding state capture and corruption. Picture: Yeshiel Panchia

There is an opportunity for the ANC to change the “justified perception” that it is a corrupt organisation, which abuses its power by looting the country.

“Delegates, when making decisions at this elective conference, should be guided by the policy of the ANC on corruption from the Mangaung conference, a full five years ago,” ANC stalwarts and veterans For the Sake of Our Future have said.

The Mangaung Conference called for urgent action against leaders and members of the ANC who face damaging allegations of improper conduct, the stalwarts reminded this year’s attendees of the party’s national elective conference.

“In addition, the conference clearly stated the abuse of power and office for private gain or factional interests must be prevented. “There cannot be a delegate at the elective conference who does not know that there are a number of senior members of the ANC in government, in the public and private sectors of the economy who are complicit in the diversion of resources from our people into the pockets of the few.

“These delegates now have a simple choice in the way they conduct themselves and the way they vote at this conference,” said the veterans. “Delegates can either condone or condemn corruption and looting.”

It accused the party of having no urgency in tackling abuse of power.

“As part of state capture, law enforcement agencies and the national prosecuting authority have been contaminated, paralysed and unable to perform their duties without fear or favour,” they charged.

“The ANC conference … will be seen to have ignored the clarion call of our people if anyone elected to positions of power are tainted with relationships that are corrupt.”

But, the stalwarts said, “a significant starting point” will be if the conference can show a willingness to ensure a break of corruption. “The overwhelming majority of the membership of the ANC, the alliance, supporters and the electorate clearly see and rightfully condemn the levels of looting and corruption in significant sections of government and the public and private sectors of our economy. “Theft can only increase inequity and poverty within our country. The high moral and ethical standards that were once seen as a cornerstone of the ANC’s policies and practices are rapidly being lost.”

Failure to send a clear message from the conference will result in a downward spiral of the ANC, they said.


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