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9 Jan 2018
3:23 pm

‘Racist’ encounter leaves young man in ICU


The assault, in which the victim was allegedly told he was 'getting comfortable with girls, occurred at a well-known restaurant.

Mthunzi Sibuyi (21).

The assault that occurred at a well-known restaurant left Mthunzi Sibuyi (21) critical in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Witbank News reports.

On January 6 three cases were opened against a suspect after he, along with other suspects, assaulted a group of youngsters attending a 21st party at a local restaurant.

“Mthunzi is currently in Netcare Unitas Hospital in Centurion in the ICU and started talking this morning,” Sibuyi’s uncle added.

According to a Twitter post, Sibuyi and his friends were attending a 21st birthday celebration at the Brazen Head in Witbank when he was approached by Koos Els. The man saw Sibuyi dancing with a girl, and allegedly remarked about Sibuyi “getting comfortable with the white girls”.

The man and his three sons, Coen, Manie and Jacques Els then continued harassing both Sibuyi and his friends, until they decided to leave.

Upon leaving, the man once again approached Sibuyi and his friends, subsequently assaulting Sibuyi, who hit his head on the concrete of the restaurant’s parking lot. After Sibuyi fell, security intervened and diffused the conflict. The post then alleges that Koos and his sons got in his car, after which he attempted to drive over one of Sibuyi’s friends.

The incident has prompted the #JusticeForMthunzi on Twitter. It has also prompted an outcry by members of the NG Kerk Marble Hall Facebook page, of which the Els family are allegedly members. The members denounced the incident as barbaric and unnecessary.

This is a developing story. Updates are to follow.

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