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10 May 2018
1:55 pm

Adam Habib calls AfriForum leaders on US trip ‘disgusting human beings’

Citizen Reporter

The Wits vice-chancellor is facing a bit of backlash for comparing Kriel and Roets to Hitler and Idi Amin.

Ernst Roets, John Robert Bolton and Kallie Kriel. Picture: Twitter/Kallie Kriel

Afrikaans rights lobby group AfriForum is overseas to fight “racist theft” – land expropriation without compensation.

Lawyer and deputy CEO Ernst Roets and CEO Kallie Kriel have been regularly tweeting about their adventures around the world as they try to drum up international support against expropriation in South Africa. The lobby group is on a campaign to warn investors against developments here.

When they tweeted about their joy at running into highly conservative Republican John Robert Bolton, the US national security advisor to President Donald Trump, it was all a bit much for Wits vice-chancellor Adam Habib, who commented that they disgusted him.

“Your associations in the US prove what disgusting human beings you truly are. You are an embarrassment to SA & its constitution. Every nation has somebody who reflects its worse side. The Germans had Hitler, the Ugandans, Amin, apartheid SA, Verwoed, and current [sic] SA the two of you.”

While some have supported Habib on Twitter, he’s also received much flak from those accusing him of going too far in saying the two men are like mass murdering demagogues.

Kriel had posted a pic of themselves with Bolton, writing: “Great turn of events: With a bit of luck @ErnstRoets and I met John Robert Bolton, USA National Security Advisor to @realDonaldTrump. We also gave him a copy of Ernst’s new #KillTheBoerBook on #FarmMurders & #ExpropriationWithoutCompensation in SA.”

The AfriForum head honchos have been posting pics since they arrived in Heathrow on their way to Texas.

They had earlier announced they had information on land ownership as well as a memorandum on expropriation of land without compensation, which they planned to take abroad and present to “investors”.

Roets said they would send a senior delegation to the United States, kicking off the international campaign.

The lobby group plans to provide a report on new information on land ownership in South Africa. Roets is confident that AfriForum are driven by the pursuit for truth.

The group believes the motion to expropriate property without compensation is based on a flawed state-driven land audit, which is “soaked with fabrications and methodical errors”.

Their reasoning is that arguments must be made that the land expropriation policy be executed so more black people can own property, but they said it only appeared that, according to the ANC and Economic Freedom Fighters’ policy documents, the intention is for the government to own land and not private individuals.

As usual, opinions about both AfriForum and Habib’s tweet were divided.