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Chantelle Fourie
1 minute read
25 May 2018
5:22 pm

Here are Joburg’s tariff increases starting July 1

Chantelle Fourie

The new tariff increases were announced at the 2018/19 budget on May 24.

As the new financial year in Joburg kicks in on July 1, ratepayers will have to start forking out more for services.

The tariff increases were revealed in MMC for finance Funzela Ngobeni’s maiden budget speech on May 24, Randburg Sun reports.

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Ratepayers can expect a 7.37 percent increase in their electrical charges, a water, sewerage and sanitation service increase of 14.2 percent, and a waste removal services increase of 6.8 percent.

However, a proposed tariff on sanitation services for private dwellings no bigger than 300 square metres has been reduced to R196 from R250.

As for property rates, the new valuation of ratepayers’ homes will kick in, but the rates tariffs will remain unchanged.

Go to to find out how property rates tariffs work.

The MMC also said the residential property rebate that was first set at R200 000 being rate-free, is proposed to be raised to R350 000.

The pensioner property rebate is also to be set at R2.5 million, up from R2 million.

The expanded social packages will give qualifying residents a 100 percent rebate to residents who are not pensioners and whose property values does not exceed R500 000.

Ngobeni said that 76 percent of the R59 billion budget is dependent on revenue raised by the City.

“Realising this, all efforts have been made to balance the City’s tariff increases so as to safeguard our financial sustainability while being aware of the challenges experienced to household income,” he said.

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