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18 Jul 2018
8:43 am

WATCH: Passenger’s terrifying footage of Wonderboom plane crash

Citizen Reporter

The passenger remains remarkably calm despite flames on the wing, and even complains that his phone is running low on power.

Picture: YouTube screenshot

Footage has emerged from inside the plane crash near the Wonderboom airport in Pretoria North on Tuesday last week. 

The plane went down near Montana Park at about 4.30pm with 19 people on board. It partly crashed into a factory.

One person, 54-year-old pilot from Sinoville Chris Barnard, was confirmed dead from the tragedy, while another lost both legs. Three people were seriously injured.

The Convair 340 was a historic 1954 aircraft bought at Aviodrome aviation museum in early June. It was destined to land in Pilanesburg in the North West. It caught fire shortly after takeoff from Wonderboom Airport. The pilot tried to turn around to land again, but couldn’t make it.

The video below has been circulating widely. The Afrikaans passenger can be heard complaining that his phone has a low battery. He then says that, in his opinion (after seeing flames gushing from the wing), that the pilot should cut the engine. The plane goes down shortly afterwards.

Take a look below:

The SA Civil Aviation Authority’s Investigation results were to be made available within 30 days after the crash.