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Nameera Sarjoo
1 minute read
28 Jul 2018
12:13 pm

Wolf spider found in Ladysmith home

Nameera Sarjoo

These spiders will often ambush and pounce on their prey. The person whose home it was in just picked it up and put it outside.

A huge wolf spider was found recently at a Ladysmith resident’s home, reports the Ladysmith Gazette.

The resident, who was not afraid at all, simply picked up the scary-looking arachnid and released it safely outside.

According to a local pet shop owner who deals with these eight-legged creatures, wolf spiders are harmless.

Their average size is 6-30mm. Wolf spiders are hunters and find their dinner by sight or vibration.

They will often ambush and pounce on their prey, which can range from crickets to grasshoppers, beetles, ants and even other spiders.

Unlike their four-legged namesakes, wolf spiders do not hunt in packs. They are solitary creatures that also don’t care to engage with people.