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20 Aug 2018
10:26 am

Brutal attack, allegedly racially motivated, takes place in Pretoria nightclub


The alleged victim took to Twitter to vent her frustrations, both of the incident and the terrible experience after trying to report what happened.

A young woman took to Twitter in the early hours of Saturday morning in a state, after an alleged racist attack in the bathroom of Pretoria nightclub Mystic Bull.

The Twitter thread detailed her ordeal and, according to the thread, the incident was completely unprovoked and racially motivated.

Here is what allegedly transpired:

Meg Rametse and a group of friends went to Mystic Bull, located in Hatfield, on Friday evening.

After a few minutes, Rametse went to the bathroom. While there, there was a girl that was banging on the bathroom stalls. Thinking it could have been one of her friends, she called out.

It was not one of her friends. Instead, there was “a blonde white girl wh[i]ling about her indabas,” she explained in the thread as she walked out of the stall.

While washing her hands, the same girl was pointing at Rametse and talking to her friends. Rametse turned around to ask if everything was ok, to which the girl allegedly responded “No I’m not, you apes are taking up all our space.”

Rametset then said “Can we not do this, what’s wrong?” The girl responded by laughing at Rametse, aggravating the situation.

After this, Rametse said she was walking out of the bathroom, and did not want the girl to do or say anything.

Unfortunately, from this point, things took an even uglier turn.

The girl allegedly pushed Rametse twice, and wasted no time in allegedly punching her in the face. After this, Rametse said the girl pulled her afro and repeatedly punched her in the face.

Shocked, Rametse did what she could to defend herself, but was saved when another woman emerged from a bathroom stall and pulled her away from the alleged attacker.

The identity of the girl who saved Rametse is not established, but shortly after she intervened, Rametse’s friends found her, and were understandably livid.

While walking out of Mystic Bull, Rametse’s friends wanted to know who the perpetrator was, so she pointed out the girl seated in the passenger seat of a car. The girl’s friend was in the driver’s seat.

Rametse’s friends approached the driver to establish what had happened, and the driver of the car allegedly drove off so fast that the friends were almost knocked over.

From this point, the nightmare unfortunately does not subside.

Rametse and her friends made their way to the Brooklyn Police Station, to which they were greeted by two black police officers.

Rametse relayed the incident to one of the officers, to which she allegedly responded “We’ve never had an issue with white girls here. What did you do to her?” At this point, Rametse broke down in tears.

Seeing as the police were no help, it was lucky that someone took a picture of the alleged attacker’s numberplate.

The numberplate of the alleged attacker. Image: Twitter/@MegRametse

The Citizen attempted to contact Mystic Bull for comment, but received no response by the time of publishing.

However, the nightclub did reach out to the victim of the attack, asking her to message Mystic Bull to access CCTV footage of the night.

We also reached out the victim of the attack on Twitter, who did not respond to requests for comment.

ICollege, the branding on the alleged attacker’s car, has since responded to the incident by distancing itself from racism.

Rametse confirmed on her Twitter page on Sunday that a case has been opened with police.

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