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11 Sep 2018
9:50 am

WATCH: Biker hailed a hero after stopping attempted smash-and-grab

Citizen Reporter

The video, posted on Yusuf Abramjee's Twitter page on Tuesday morning, may bode well to slightly restore South Africans' faith in humanity.

A screenshot of the video, where the biker chases the suspect. Video: Twitter/@Abramjee

An attempted smash-and-grab video emerged on Twitter on Tuesday morning, and in light of the current crime statistics released today, the video may bode well to slightly restore South Africans’ faith in humanity.

The video, posted by Yusuf Abramjee, shows a man walking towards a small white Kia Picanto, with the intention of stealing what appears to be a laptop bag out of the passenger side of the car in Alexandra on Monday.

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A vigilant biker who stopped at the same traffic light witnessed the suspect, and immediately intercepted him. He rams the man with his bike, but the suspect continues to hold onto the bag and tries to make a run for it.

Lucky for the man in the Picanto, the biker, Anton Damhuis, did not let up. He preceded to chase the man on his bike. At some point, the suspect realises that the chances of outrunning a motorbike are pretty slim and he drops the bag.

The biker then returns the bag to the driver of the Picanto.

Watch the action unfold below: 

There is no way of identifying who we assume is a man on the motorbike, but he has been hailed a hero on Twitter.

Other users point to the ungrateful demeanour of the man whose laptop was almost stolen, noting that he did not thank the man for saving him from a potentially inconvenient scenario.

Whether the man was ungrateful or just shocked, this story had a happy ending – unlike countless others that are not captured, and happen every day.

Twitter users also took screenshots of the suspect’s face, which is clearly visible in the video, in the hopes that circulating it will get him arrested.

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