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20 Sep 2018
10:11 am

Marijuana-related careers you can now consider

Caxton Central

Cannabis has been decriminalised for private consumption in South Africa, which could have many potential business opportunities.

A Rastafarian smokes marijuana outside the Constitutional Court on September 18, 2018 after the Con Court has ruled that the personal use of marijuana is not a criminal offence, South Africans are allowed to smoke and grow dagga at home. Picture: Cebisile Mbonani

South Africa’s constitutional court delivered a landmark judgement decriminalising the smoking of marijuana at home.

Delivering the judgement, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo said the ban on private possession and consumption, and cultivation of the plant for own use is unconstitutional. The court found that the country’s cannabis ban infringed on section 14 of the South African constitution which gives all citizens the right to privacy. South Africa now joins a long list of countries which have decriminalised marijuana.

Caxton Central takes a look at what kind of small businesses could be viable after the historic judgement.

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With the decriminalisation judgement being passed, there will be more people curious to have a better understanding of marijuana and its effects. Medical and psychological consultancy work would be a potential business in this regard.


Marijuana smokers and campaigners are currently caught up in the euphoria of the ConCourt judgment. The marijuana plant is currently a symbol of triumph for these people. A fashion line or store with fashion items symbolising the marijuana plant would offer potential good returns.

Marijuana agro services

Marijuana smokers have been granted the liberty to grow the plan for home use. A small gardening and marijuana agro services company which assists people in growing the plant around backyards is a potential business.

Social network founder

You can potentially start your own social network aimed specifically at cannabis consumers. This could also present some unique advertising opportunities from pro-cannabis campaigners.

Event planner

Marijuana users are more likely now than ever going to be looking for like-minded people and social events where they can mingle. You can, therefore, become an event planner planning events for cannabis smokers to simply mingle.

App developer

There are many mobile app possibilities related to the cannabis industry, from those that provide information to those with social features to users.

Packaging products

There will be an increasing number of people growing marijuana. This increase in planting will provide an increased demand for appropriate packaging products. Ideal marijuana packaging products can provide a good business opportunity.

The business types listed above are worth considering, especially now that marijuana legislation is in the spotlight.

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