Alanicka Lotriet
1 minute read
20 Sep 2018
2:27 pm

Infant falls victim to horrific abuse

Alanicka Lotriet

X-rays revealed skeletal fractures, fractures in different stages of healing, fractures on his left arm and optical bone as well as injuries to his lower rib and both of his legs.

The infant is fighting for his life every day. Photo: Submitted.

Vicky Louw, a partner at Louw Strydom Incorporated and a Krugersdorp-based attorney specialising in family law and children’s rights, is representing a five-month-old infant who has been the victim of horrendous abuse from his parents, presumably since birth, reports Krugersdorp News.

According to Vicky, the infant was born prematurely with persistent lung problems and weighed a mere 1.54kg at birth. He currently weighs about 3.3kg, which is worrisome considering that an average five-month-old baby is expected to weigh between 7 and 8kg.

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She explained the infant had been admitted to the intensive care unit of a local state hospital on several occasions since birth. X-rays revealed numerous fractures in different stages of healing, including fractures to his left arm and his eye socket, as well as injuries to his lower ribs and both his legs.

Signs of apparent corporal punishment are also of concern, as the corporal punishment of all children is prohibited by law and is even more inappropriate and shocking given that the child is only five months old.

He has also been diagnosed with hydrocephalus. Even though the infant has been removed from his parents’ care, he is still in danger of succumbing to his severe injuries.

The investigation is currently underway in a local children’s court.

This case comes hot on the heels of the sentencing of the biological mother and stepfather of three-year-old Poppie van der Merwe who was murdered late last year.

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