Gopolang Moloko
2 minute read
27 Oct 2018
4:44 pm

You can’t give land to a DJ if he doesn’t want to farm – Malema

Gopolang Moloko

The EFF leader during his address expressed his admiration for Mpofu and his late mother.

Economic Freedom Fighter leader Julius Malema. Image: Twitter/EFF

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) president Julius Malema has said that people will have to present proposals on how they will use land in order to receive land.

Speaking at the funeral of Advocate Dali Mpofu’s mother, Nosebenzile, Malema said land must be given to those who want to utilise it.

“You can’t take land and give it to the DJ, the DJ wants to play music. He doesn’t want to go into farming.”

Malema is convinced a way forward is for both white and black people to work together.

He said the EFF was even more determined in their fight for land expropriation.

“Had we listened to those who could afford, children would be without education. Today [when] landless people want their land we are told about investors and the economy that will collapse. The same rhetoric we were told when Mandela became president in 1994”.

He said the EFF wanted the land to feed the people, not for business.

“Land is for survival. We want the land and we are not joking about that.”

The EFF leader said no one was leaving South Africa.

“They threaten to leave but they will not. The richest person in SA is the poorest in Europe. If you doubt that look at Zimbabwe. When they left Zim they did not go to Europe, they came here. Besides, we don’t want them to go anywhere. We must work together.”

He said the EFF had an appointment with the future and were now more focused on that appointment.

“When we feel weak, we will look at ma Mpofu. Her child was in and out of prison. So many things were said about him. She stood by him.”

Malema said it was now time for Mpofu to “take it from here”.


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