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Mariëtte Roos
1 minute read
16 Nov 2018
9:19 am

Mysterious white powder drugs woman in Limpopo

Mariëtte Roos

A woman who recently accidentally came into contact with the substance was too weak to call for help.

The white powder found on the victim's car.

Dr Jimmy van den Bergh said the woman alleged she wiped the white powder marks from her car, got into the vehicle, and while driving to another store, began to feel ill.

Van den Bergh told Polokwane Review: “At first she thought it was low blood sugar and immediately pulled off the road. She said she felt so bad that she could not even phone her husband, and bystanders had to help her to my consulting room.”

He stabilised her and she is currently recuperating at home.

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The Heritage Protect Group (HPG) issued a warning on their Facebook page that criminals had started putting the white substance on vehicles, the substance leading to severe drowsiness and disorientation when touched.

In a voice message sent to various emergency groups on Wednesday, residents were also warned against the white substance.

In the voicemail, it was stated that a truck driver from George was hijacked while intoxicated after touching the substance. The driver warned people not to touch the white dust which could be smeared on the driver’s side or anywhere else on the vehicle. It is apparently an anaesthetic. The criminals allegedly smear the substance across a car or truck and wait for the driver to succumb to the substance before hijacking the vehicle.

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