Reuven Blignault
2 minute read
22 Nov 2018
2:47 pm

Randburg residents furious after construction on cell tower begins

Reuven Blignault

Residents are concerned about the negative impacts an under-construction cellphone tower may cause the wider community.

Signs placed on the construction site of the Boskruin telecommunications tower asking the construction company not to continue without confirmed approval.

Local residents are against the construction of a cellphone tower in their neighbourhood, which they argue is being constructed without following correct procedures, they told Randburg Sun.

Residents on Swaeltjie Road are also worried about the possible long-term health effects of being exposed to the radio frequencies.

The residents also worry about the crime the tower may attract and the potential loss in property value.

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Concerned residents Tracy Gould, Nick Tsatsoulis, and Cristina Owen worry about the health and safety impact of their local community if the cellphone tower is constructed.

Nick Tsatsoulis said: “Two days ago, the entire community, who we feel are against the project, did not know that the construction was going ahead. And almost overnight construction was taking place.

“Towers like these are filled with valuable batteries and copper cables, and we don’t need this extra worry. And with this and the worry about the health risks, it only puts people off moving to the area.”

Cristina Owen said: “Long-term exposure to this kind of radiation can only be bad. I have done research on this since I heard about the project in May, and some studies show a negative impact, and others show that no harm will be caused. There is just too much conflicting information.”

The foundation work for the cellphone tower, laid and ready for construction.

The company responsible for the construction, ATC SA, said they had followed all the correct procedures before any construction took place.

ATC SA’s Rhoda O’Hara said: “[Our company] has followed due process and complied with the legislative requirements in terms of acquiring all relevant permits and approvals in order to proceed with the erection and construction of the telecommunications tower mast.”

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