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16 Apr 2020
3:26 pm

DA Northern Cape calls for councillor to be charged for alleged food parcel theft

Citizen reporter

The party says Leerkans community members reported the councillor and committee members in question to the police.

Photo for illustration. Food parcels from Africa Medalion Group to be delivered to families in Johannesburg, 3 April 2020. Photo for illustration. Picture: Nigel Sibanda

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Northern Cape has called on the Dawid Kruiper Municipality to take criminal action against the Ward 14 councillor and committee members accused of stealing food parcels in Leerkans.

The DA’s provincial chairperson Harold McGluwa said Leerkans community members reported the councillor and committee members in question to the police.

“They accused them of stashing away food parcels for themselves and for family members.

“The DA is deeply aggrieved by these allegations.

“There are thousands of people without food, who find themselves in a time of great crisis and great need. For them, a food parcel is a matter of life or death, it is not a luxury as it is to council members who continue to receive salaries and who remain in the fortunate position of still being able to put food on their tables.”

He said harsh action should be taken against those alleged to have hoarded food parcels for their own benefit.

“There have been countless reports of similar incidents occurring across the province and throughout the country.

“Surely it is time that government must ensure that these perpetrators, regardless of their political affiliation, are criminally charged. They must be named and shamed. Their cases must be used as examples of strict consequence management and should serve as a deterrent for such immoral behaviour in future. This is the only way to bring an end to such selfish actions.

“It has been reported that the Northern Cape provincial government has only managed to budget for the distribution of food parcels to 47,700 beneficiaries. Given the already high unemployment and poverty rates in the province, before we were struck by coronavirus, it goes to say that this is only a drop in the ocean. We, therefore, cannot tolerate a situation whereby even a single food parcel ends up in the wrong hands.

“We note the condemnation of the abuse of food parcels by the ruling party in the province and we appreciate the fact that they are speaking out on this matter. However, talk must be accompanied by action and government must set the tone now. This is only the start of the coronavirus pandemic in South Africa and the management of food parcels must be honed to perfection to curb corruption and ensure that they serve to sustain the most vulnerable.”

(Compiled by Makhosandile Zulu)

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