Nica Richards
Deputy online news editor
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25 Jan 2021
2:18 pm

Eddie the two-legged dog gets a leg-up after funds raised for prosthetic 

Nica Richards

'Thank you so much to everyone who helped (and is still helping) to make this dream a reality,' Avontuur Vet’s Facebook post read, confirming that Eddie would be receiving a third leg soon.

Eddie waiting patiently while moulds for his prosthetic leg are taken. Picture: Facebook/Avontuur Vet

Eddie is the two-legged dog who found his way from being abandoned in Groot Marico to being adopted by the veterinarians who operated on him. 

The oxymoron that is Eddie’s life has been humbling. 

Eddie after surgery last year. Picture: Facebook

Present-day Eddie the two-legged miracle dog. Picture: Facebook

When he was found and taken to Avontuur Veterinary Services, his right front and left hind legs were completely crushed. He was also severely malnourished. His carers, Sanlie and Lizahn van den Brink, still do not know what may have happened to him, but they did not give up hope. 

Instead of euthanising him, his two mangled legs were amputated. Although it took some time, Eddie has emerged as a good natured companion, who loves afternoon walks and car rides. 

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Eddie’s journey through lockdown last year was harrowing, a double whammy when Avontuur Vet found out that his prosthetic front leg would cost up to R20,000

Last night, however, Avontuur Vet announced that they finally had enough money for Eddie’s new leg. 

Sanlie confirmed to The Citizen that Eddie’s leg will be fitted in two weeks, thanks to Animal Care Division.

“Thank you so much to everyone who helped (and is still helping) to make this dream a reality,” Avontuur Vet’s Facebook post read. 

Eddie had his cast taken on Sunday, while waiting patiently, despite his entire body being wrapped in plaster. 

Eddie eyeing the plaster mould taken of his body. He will soon receive a prosthetic leg. Picture: Facebook/Avontuur Vet

Sanlie told The Citizen it was integral that Eddie got a prosthetic front leg, as this is where he carried most of his weight. 

She is also hopeful that the prosthetic leg will give Eddie more energy to run around like a normal dog. 

If you would like to help Eddie live as close to a normal life as possible with (at least) three legs, check out Avontuur Vet’s Facebook page, or contact Sanlie van den Brink on 018-061-0021 or 015-023-0030.

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