Asanda Matlhare
Intern Journalist
2 minute read
27 Jul 2021
4:54 am

SA ranks sixth in the world when it comes to boozing

Asanda Matlhare

Data shows that 31% of South Africans over 15 are alcohol consumers, which explains the stress when booze taps were closed.

People qeue outside the Makro liquor store as alcohol goes on sale again following the easing of lockdown regulations, 26 July 2021, Centurion. Picture: Jacques Nelles

Should South Africans worry about their alcohol consumption? According to the latest published data, South African alcohol consumers are among some of the heaviest drinkers globally. The 2021 data tracked levels of alcohol consumption in 2016 showing an estimated 31% of the population aged 15 and older consumed alcohol, with the majority (69%) abstaining for at least 12 months. According to the World Population Review, South Africa’s drinking population consumed 29.9 litres of pure alcohol per capita per year, which is the sixth-highest consumption rate in the world, below Namibia (32.4l), Eswatini (34.4l), Maldives (33.7l) and Tunisia (36.6l). On...