Eric Naki
Political Editor
2 minute read
18 Oct 2021
5:26 am

Concerns expressed about how many weapons foreigners have in SA

Eric Naki

People’s Liberation has warned that there may be a 'civil war' scenario brewing unless authorities step in.

Civil society organisation People’s Liberation (PL) has expressed concern about unsubstantiated claims that some foreign nationals inside the country kept arms and that some were sponsored by terrorist organisations in their countries. PL’s chair, Phumudzo Mukhwathi, warned about a ticking time bomb resulting from the alleged illegal proliferation of arms of war within the country, supposedly among some foreigners. He cautioned South Africans to refrain from any xenophobic attacks, but to leave the situation in the hands of law enforcement agencies. Mukhwathi said neither locals, nor foreigners should be allowed to undermine the rule of law. “We condemn in the...