Reitumetse Makwea
3 minute read
5 Jul 2022
7:30 am

Young South Africans losing hope in ANC

Reitumetse Makwea

‘People who have to rely on government have lost hope in that very government.’

ANC flag flies during the Gauteng ANC manifesto launch. Photo by Gallo Images/Beeld/ Thapelo Maphakela

The nationwide failure of democracy has left many questioning the upcoming 2024 national elections, with the debate around the decline and possible fall of the ANC intensifying. According to many young South Africans, socioeconomic inequality and job scarcity, as well as corruption and lack of accountability, have created a view that democracy has not delivered a better life for all. It sparked a debate of whether SA would be better off without the ruling party or with a combination of all political parties. According to political analyst Ongama Mtimka, there has been a decline in the major historical trend of...