Kgomotso Phooko
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4 Aug 2022
3:25 pm

‘Don’t bother celebrating Women’s Month’, Action SA tells Gov

Kgomotso Phooko

The party said there is no use in celebrating because the criminal justice system continue to fail victims of GBV miserably.

Activists demonstrate, 25 February 2022, outside the South Gauteng High Court during the trial of Samuel Kgoadi, who allegedly bludgeoned his wife Koena Kgoadi to death with a hammer in Tembisa last year. Picture: Michel Bega

Action SA tells the government not to bother celebrating Women’s Month, after shocking Gender Based Violence (GBV) incidents in the first few days into the Month.

Women’s Month

The party on Tuesday said there is no use in celebrating because the criminal justice system continue to fail victims of GBV miserably.

Director of Community Safety at Action SA, Ian Cameron had a survivor of GBV speak up about how the justice system fails to protect women against the GBV instigators.

Janelle Laattoe reiterated her awful experience when she reported her abuser to the police but her case was struck off the roll.

“I had to endure postponed court appearances for over a year, my abuser walked free, assaulted three other women and now my docket disappeared. But I am speaking up, and this is not how my story will end,” Laattoe explained.

After Laattoe’s demands for her case to be put back on the court roll fell on deaf ears, she reached out to Action Society. They then made about 15 calls and physical visits to the Delft Police Station.

Cameron said they learnt that Laattoe’s docket was missing and her last statements were not digitally captured.

Krugersdorp horror rape

The founder of Philisa Abafazi Bethu, Lucinda Evans added that since the 1956 struggle, being a woman in this country has become worse.

A recent high profile case, the Krugersdorp horror rape that took place on Thursday night, where eight women were allegedly attacked and gang raped by 10 men.

Hundreds of people on Wednesday picketed outside the Krugersdorp Magistrates’ Court along with gender activists where about 80 suspects appeared in court calling for justice to prevail.

Cameron said he understood the pressure and the tremendous workloads for the SAPS marred by minimum or lacking of resources.

“We look to the minister of police, the entire criminal justice system and the government to admit their failure and to start taking effective action to prevent the severe onslaught against women and children,” he added.

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