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By Eric Naki

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Details: Why ANC and Khoza’s new party are headed for a legal battle

The ADeC contends the ANC doesn’t have a monopoly over green, gold and black.

The ANC and its former MP, Makhosi Khoza, are headed for their first public clash since her new party was established at the weekend.

The ruling party is taking Khoza’s new party, African Democratic Change (ADeC), to the electoral court over the use of its colours and a logo with markings similar to those of the ANC. But the fiery former parliamentarian is not backing down, saying the ANC does not have a monopoly over the colours of green and gold, which are rooted in Africa.

“The use of black, green and gold in political parties and country flags across Africa is rooted in the description that the colours carry about our continent, which cannot be exclusively appropriated by a single party,” party spokesperson Feziwe Ndwayana said.

Khoza, who recently resigned from the ANC after she was charged for speaking out against corruption, said she anticipated the ANC’s challenge over use of the colours. She said she was expecting harassment from the ANC as her party would be taking it on in the political arena.

Yesterday, ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe said the ADeC deliberately used the ANC markings to confuse the electorate. “We will contest those colours because the colours are really intended to confuse. We will contest the ADeC name,” he said.

It’s not the first time the ANC has claimed its identity or colours have been appropriated. Years ago, it took the Congress of the People (Cope) to task for adopting the name from the 1955 Congress of the People gathering at which the Freedom Charter was launched. The ANC had to back off as the event was a multiparty idea, not its sole initiative.

Recently, it also tried to challenge the African Independent Congress (AIC), which uses a similar name, acronym and colours as the ANC. The AIC continues to use the black green and gold colours.

ADeC’s Ndwayana said the green colour in the ADeC’s markings symbolises the country’s rich biodiversity and was also a testament to the party’s commitment to preserving the environment and pursuit of sustainability. Gold symbolised SA’s mineral wealth.

“There are no other colours to represent such, thus we contend that it is regrettable the ANC believes it has a monopoly on colours. Our logo is largely sky blue and this colour is symbolic of the oceans, skies, peace and reconciliation that is consistent with the Madiba legacy.”

She said ADeC’s fundamental principles are founded on unity and a non-racial society that “we believe is embedded in the ubuntu philosophy. Sky blue is at the bottom of our logo and background because we believe we can only reach our potential as a country if we are united behind a common vision”.

Reports have previously stated the party’s acronym is ADC.

“We’d like to clarify that our logo is ADeC. This cannot be confusiing,” Ndwayana added.

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