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Gopolang Moloko
1 minute read
5 Dec 2019
3:57 pm

Joburg speaker Da Gama survives no-confidence vote

Gopolang Moloko

The EFF abstained, yet 135 votes in favour of the motion, with 99 against, could not succeed in ousting Da Gama as speaker.

Speaker of Joburg council Vasco da Gama after the vote for Joburg Mayor was postponed. Picture: Michel Bega

Johannesburg Council Speaker Vasco Da Gama, a DA councillor, survived a no-confidence vote by a single vote during Thursday’s special council sitting.

Following a vote count where 135 votes were in favour of the no-confidence motion against Da Gama, it was clarified that the rule book outlined that a majority meant half of the members in council plus one.

There were 270 members in council, which meant 50% was 135 – and only 135 votes were cast in favour of the motion.

Da Gama surviving the motion caused chaos in council, with ANC councillors clearly stating they did not recognise him as speaker. Another council meeting will be announced following a walkout by council members.

The ANC unsurprisingly voted against Da Gama after their candidate, Geoff Makhubo, became the new mayor yesterday.

The ANC instituted the motion against the speaker as it claimed he had failed to safeguard the interests of the council and that he had failed to provide the leadership to ensure the smooth running of the council.

Council then adjourned.

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