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15 Oct 2019
8:05 am

Orania statutory rape case postponed for further investigation

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A student teacher stands accused of statutory rape after allegedly having sex with a learner at the school.

A welcome sign at the entrance of Orania in the Northern Cape Province. Image: iStock

A case of statutory rape against a teacher-in-training at the Volkskool Orania in the Northern Cape was postponed in the Hopetown Magistrate’s Court on Monday for further investigation.

The man made a brief appearance and was not asked to plead. Consequently, he cannot be named in accordance with the Press Code as the case involves a minor.

The man stands accused of statutory rape after allegedly having sex with a learner at the school.

A source with intimate knowledge of the incident told News24 that the young student teacher was not in a relationship with the victim.

Carel Boshoff, chairperson of the board of the Volkskool Orania, confirmed the arrest of the man to News24. According to Boshoff, the man was released on bail of R5,000 under strict conditions.

In a statement, Boshoff said: “The principal of Volkskool Orania, Anje Boshoff, became aware of the allegations on September 16 when members of the SAPS’s Child Protection Unit visited the school to investigate a case of child molestation against a student teacher.”

Boshoff said the student teacher in question was in Johannesburg at the time of the investigation where he was completing practical studies.

The man is studying towards a BSc in physics and chemistry, according to the school’s website. His Facebook page reveals that he grew up in Orania and attended the CVO School in the Afrikaner-only town.

Boshoff said police did not disclose much information.

“The SAPS investigation has no relation to the operation of the school or its activities during school hours or any organised extracurricular activities after school hours.”

Following a meeting of the management committee, the teacher was informed via WhatsApp to contact the principal on his return.

A letter was prepared informing the teacher that he was not allowed on the school premises and could not have any contact with learners.

The teacher received the letter when he returned to Orania on September 21 and he was arrested on September 23.

“We would like to emphasise that Orania’s community entities and the school in particular reacted to the matter as quickly as possible and are assisting the investigation,” Boshoff said.

According to a source, the man still lives in Orania. Boshoff, however, did not respond to a WhatsApp enquiry to verify this, despite having read the message.

Phaladi Supeng, spokesperson of the National Prosecuting Authority in the Northern Cape, told News24 the man would again appear in court on November 28.

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