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15 Jan 2022
11:07 am

WATCH | Parliament fire protest: Mafe a ‘scapegoat’ for state failures

Cheryl Kahla

'This government is pulling wool over the eyes of our people', a member of The Azanian People's Organisation (Azapo) said.

Photo shared on Twitter by Getty Images photographer Wesley Fester.

Those in support of Parliament fire accused Zandile Christmas Mafe gathered outside the Western Cape High Court ahead of the 11 am bail application.

Netizens began a #FreeZandileMafe campaign earlier this month, with the Pan African Congress (PAC) calling on “all self-respecting Black people to join the picket” on Saturday.

Parliament fire protest in CT

Mafe a ‘scapegoat for competence’

PAC Western Cape said in a statement they are “still convinced [Mafe] is innocent and that the state must not use him as a scapegoat for their own competence”.

“The state, controlled by a settler minority herrenvolk class, has since 1994 consistently failed Black people. It is now putting the same people that is has failed on trial for the state’s own failures”.

Watch: ‘Parliament fire planned to a T’

Another protester wrapped in chains said the Parliament fire “had been planned to a T”. She believes it to be a money-making scam to cover up corruption by “big bosses”.

“It takes me right back to when I was young. […] This is the reason why need to stand here in solidarity”.

A member of The Azanian People’s Organisation (AZAPO) said South Africa turned into a ‘banana republic’.

He asked, “How is it possible that a man from the street can just walk into a national key point, allegedly spend two hours and burn it down, comes out and sleep in front of it for him to arrested?”

“It cannot be, this government is pulling wool over the eyes of our people. […] The security of the country is at stake”.

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