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Corlia Kruger
2 minute read
11 Dec 2018
9:29 am

AfriForum slams ‘negligent’ Naka Drotské shooting investigation

Corlia Kruger

The organisation claim that some evidence was left behind on the scene, and that police had been 'negligent' in their investigation at the crime scene.

Naka Drotské. Photo: Facebook

AfriForum has queried the police investigation into the attack on rugby legend Naka Drotské, reports Pretoria North Rekord.

The organisation claimed some evidence was left behind on the scene.

Drotské, former Springbok and Cheetahs coach, was shot three times at his brother Tinus’ smallholding in Kameeldrift last month.

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After undergoing several procedures having lost almost a third of his blood, Drotské’s family reported that he was recovering well.

“He was discharged from hospital last Thursday and was recovering at his home in Bloemfontein.”

Police had previously told the media that they were making progress in their investigation into the attack on Drotské.

However, AfriForum contested this, saying the police had been “negligent” in their investigation at the crime scene.

“The scene was not demarcated properly, and the SAPS failed to identify and lift suspicious footprints,” said Ian Cameron, head of AfriForum’s community safety forum.

He also said that a member of the police had smoked a cigarette on the scene, while evidence was also left behind or overlooked.

This included a glove presumably belonging to one of the suspects, as well as a pair of pliers allegedly “used to cut wires” to gain access onto the premises.

“Furthermore, police made an absurd request for Os du Randt to keep the bullets, which were removed from Drotské, safe until they can collect them from him,” said Cameron.

Du Randt, a friend and former teammate of Drotské, was also on the scene during the attack and had rushed the injured Drotské to hospital.

Cameron said similar attacks had plagued the Kameeldrift area this year.

“More Kameeldrift residents are approaching AfriForum with complaints about the inability and slackness of police when handling criminal cases,” Cameron said.

Police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubele told Pretoria North Rekord on Monday that police were “investigating complaints received from the public”.

He said he was not yet aware of the “official inquiry” sent by AfriForum to question police’s methods in investigating the most recent crime scene.

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